7 tips to get rid of your cold quickly

Postdate: 06 December 2017

Do you feel that you are having or getting a cold? Although you do not feel fit, you can sometimes feel compelled to work. Because of this, you may infect other colleagues. Take good care of yourself by living healthy.

1. Eat enough fruits and vegetables
Getting enough vitamins and minerals is always important, even if you do not have a cold. If you eat healthy and varied, you basically get enough of everything. This research shows that vitamin supplements are not necessary to increase your resistance.

2. Take rest
Do not forget to relax in between. For example, take more short breaks, and do not bite off more than you can chew.

3. Exercise outside
Exercise is good for your immune system, especially in the fresh air. In the gym you are still close to other people and the air conditioning is often on, which can cause problems to your mucous membranes.

4. Sleep enough
If you sleep badly, your biological clock will be disturbed. As a result, you are not only more vulnerable to viruses, but it also takes longer before you get better. Thus, sleep enough hours so that your body can recover. Do you have trouble sleeping? Then also home remedies can be a temporary lifesaver.

5. Open the window
Especially in the cold months it is tempting to stay indoors and put the heating high. However, this is actually less good for your immune system. Through sufficient ventilation you get less affected by large temperature changes.

6. Drink enough water
Drink plenty of water in addition to tea and coffee. Unconsciously you lose a lot of moisture, for example because you often have to blow your nose.

7. Do not smoke
If you smoke when having a cold, it takes longer before you get back on top of it. If you do not smoke, try to avoid areas where people are smoking.

So far there is no scientifically proven method that prevent colds, but there are ways to alleviate the symptoms. Overall general tips to live healthy are therefore never wrong when the 'r' arrives in the month. Good health often means a good immune system.

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