7 tips for less Christmas stress

Postdate: 29 November 2017

Spending the holidays with family and friends is fun, but the weeks before can also bring a lot of stress. A good preparation is half the work with the following tips.

1. Buy your groceries big
You can save a lot of stress and money by making purchases for the holidays at the beginning of the month. There is often still plenty of choice.

2. Make lists
Do not forget to make lists for everything. The messages, the presents, who you invite and when you want to decorate the Christmas tree. Then you can enjoy at peace once the holidays arrive.

3. Get inspiration
In the month December there are nice food and Christmas markets. Get inspiration from there, for in the kitchen, or just to get that wonderful Christmas feeling.

4. Do not choose complicated recipes
Forget the thought that Christmas dinners always must be big and exuberant. You can make it easy for yourself by choosing a simple but tasty recipe that you know and that you know others will appreciate.

5. Let everyone take something with him or her
Do you celebrate Christmas with a large family or group of friends? Let everyone bring a dish or snack. That way you get variety and everyone has contributed his or her part. That saves a lot of work.

6. Go early for Christmas presents
Buy, just like your groceries, the Christmas presents early. This reduces stress by last-minute purchases that have to be made.

7. Start Christmas decorations one month in advance
Research shows that people are happier when they put the Christmas decorations early. You also enjoy them longer, and it immediately looks cosy during these dark days.

You enjoy the holidays most, when starting early and planning ahead. This way you keep an overview and you can respond to other things that come in between, such as work.

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