7 reasons why sufficient sleep is so important

Postdate: 01 November 2017

Why do we sleep a third of our lives? Because it actually is so important. After one or two days without sleep, you will literally start to feel ill. Read why it is important to get more sleep and start putting it to practice tonight!

1. You experience less stress
Our emotions are partially controlled by the amount of sleep we get. A lack of sleep makes you irritable, anxious, tired, impatient, and depressed because it causes an increase in your cortisol level, also called the stress hormone. This will have an impact on your relationships and blood pressure. With sleeping, you lower the level of this hormone.

2. Your memory will improve
Do you recognise this: you haven't slept for one or two nights and your memory feels like a sieve. And there is a good reason for it. A good sleep makes your mind sharper and it improves your memory. When you sleep badly, you cannot learn well. This is linked to the following point.

3. You can focus better
Little sleep inhibits on your alertness. You start to doubt things, you find it hard to react quickly and to solve problems. Your mind feels a kind of foggy, and your sense of time and space reduces. When you get enough sleep, you can concentrate better.

4. Just some fewer wrinkles here and there
Sleep partially slows down the ageing process. This cannot be equalled by a pill or powder. This is because your skin gets the chance to restore itself and to dispose of waste products while you sleep.

5. You are less likely to catch a cold
It has been researched often before, but we want to emphasise again: getting sufficient sleep increases your immune system. When you have a sleep deficiency, illnesses have a bigger chance of taking over your body.

6. The balance between fat and muscle tissue improves
During your sleep, your muscles and organs have to restore themselves. Additionally, fats must be broken down. The growth hormone improves the balance between fat and muscle tissues, and when you sleep well, this hormone level increases.

7. It is easier to keep your weight
A healthy weight is a combination of enough exercise, healthy diet, little stress, and sufficient sleep. There are indications that a lack of sleep stimulates your sense of hunger, which will make you eat more than when you would get enough sleep.

In short: getting enough sleep is very good for your health. On average, you need 7-8 hours per night to refuel yourself completely, but this may vary per person. So try to find out what works best for you. Sleep well!

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