6 tips to increase your credibility at work

Postdate: 07 November 2018

A colleague who overrides your ideas with theirs or dismisses your arguments during a meeting? Not nice of course. Whether you are manager or employee: With the help of these guidelines you can increase your chances of being heard, of being seen as sincere and of bringing your ideas to life.

1. Don’t interrupt others
Listening attentively is necessary to be able to react appropriately to what others have to say. Part of listening attentively is letting people finish their sentences and not already thinking of how to respond. Pay close attention; it’s not unusual for your mind to start to race ahead and make you want to say what you’re thinking right there and then.

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2. Ask the right question when it’s your turn
Would you like to clarify a specific issue? Ask a question that gets to the heart of the matter. To do this, keep in mind what information you need. And try to make sure that you are not asking several questions at once, as that can be confusing.

3. Apply your knowledge and expertise at the right moments
Knowing what you are talking about and what you stand for is key. Prepare well when you have to give a presentation. Deepen your knowledge of the subject or use a personal experience as an example.

4. Be aware of the signals your body is giving out
Your body language says more than you think. You will not get others’ sympathy if you seem closed off, nor if you look away when somebody is talking to you. Remain open and attentive in conversations by turning to face the other person, making eye contact, making ‘mmm’ sounds or nodding. Be polite and smile now and again.

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5. Don’t be a victim
Everyone has a different way of working and communicating. Try to not let yourself be governed by thoughts that you are a victim and that others are the ones who need to change. And don’t ask yourself why others don’t think or act the way you do.

6. Do what you say and say what you do
Be honest when things aren’t working or when you just don’t know. This is human and not a sign of weakness. Increase your credibility by not spreading fallacies, changing your stance repeatedly or twisting others’ words. Gain people’s trust by keeping your promises and not hiding anything.

By applying these tips, you can amplify your ‘authentic self’, meaning that others will be more likely to believe and trust you. And these are the very same things you need in order to achieve your goals.

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