5 ways to gain more energy from your work

Postdate: 03 October 2018

We spend a large part of our lives at work. Therefore it is not surprising that certain habits and patrons creep in after some time. Do you have an unmistakable urge for more ‘commotion?’ A change of mindset can be enough. Below you can read about some ways to get more energy from your work.

1. Make sure you can do your work well.

Sometimes you simply need some extra time, and not someone who is constantly looking over you shoulder. Being able to work independently is a benefit for many, just like having enough freedom and flexibility to organize your activities yourself. Make therefore a good planning and share this with your colleagues and supervisor.

2. Find new ways to develop yourself.

Have you been working for several years for the same company in the same position? Do certain processes always run according to a fixed routine? Then it is possible that you end up in a rut. Especially if the company does not or hardly facilitates courses and training. How do you handle this? Here are a number of options:

- Look for (free) webminars and seminars.
- Read at least one newsletter from a company in your field every day.
- Read books about leaders who inspire you.
- Go to meetings and exhibitions that are interesting for your field.

3. Stress after five? Protect yourself.

It is not bad to occasionally work a few hours in the evening, as long as you do not get stressed and troubled thoughts. If this is the case, it is important to protect yourself outside working hours against these stimuli. Doing your job well is important, but you also have to allow yourself to 'unplug' from work. So keep doing what you like outside working hours and make time for it!

4. Try to do more of what you like

Discuss whether there are opportunities to adapt your work to your own preferences and qualities. This is especially important if you mainly do tasks that you do not like, or if you do tasks that do not reflect your capacities. Another approach is to seek for new challenges your self within the job or company you work.

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5. Contribute to a good working atmosphere

You really do not have to be the pacesetter. A little personal interaction already works better than sending emails to a colleague who is a few meters away.

Some other tips:

- Do not gossip about other colleagues.
- Put on some cheerful music. This often works well for productivity.
- Go for lunch and / or walk with your colleagues in the break, so that you have more room to talk about things unrelated to work.

Of course there are many more ways to boost your energy level, such as avoiding high-calorie sugar bombs and regularly get some fresh air outdoors. Try what works best for you. Often you know (unconsciously) where the biggest obstacles are and where there is room for improvement.

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