5 ways to embrace a Mediterranean mindset in the autumn

Postdate: 14 November 2018

When the leaves wither and fall from the trees, when it gets cold and rainy, you know that autumn has arrived. As a result you may sometimes feel tired and a bit down. The trick? Pretend you live in a Mediterranean country. Read our tips on how to feel more positive in the colder months below.

Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal are Mediterranean countries. These countries are popular among holiday-makers and are praised for their Mediterranean lifestyle. We should apply what they all have in common more often in our daily lives.

1. Take time to savour
In Mediterranean countries, people take their time to enjoy mealtimes often with family or friends. As for us? We wolf our food down, sometimes alone, on the go or behind a computer. Make an effort to savour what you are eating.

2. Less planning, more living
We have a habit of organising and planning things, day in, day out, even in our free time. In Mediterranean countries, people live more in the moment. When we’re on holiday we usually hardly make plans, if at all. As a result, we really get to relax. Let go of the drive to plan and to organise, and see what happens.

3. Get fresh air every day
We don’t just mean the walk from your workplace to your car. It sounds counterintuitive, going outside more often in the colder months, but it isn’t. During this time of year, we stay indoors a lot, meaning that we miss out on that all-important sunlight – or on daylight at all, which we need for our bodies to make vitamin D. Vitamin D is only produced when the sun is high enough, i.e. at approx. 45° or higher. In NL/UK this is only from mid of March until beginning of October. Of course, day light in itself is important for our wellbeing the entire year.

4. ‘Muy tranquilo’
The pace of life seems to be somewhat slower in Mediterranean countries, sometimes to great irritation. But we can also learn an important lesson from this. Every person has their own natural biorhythm. As the days get shorter, this pattern gets disrupted by coffee, computer screens and artificial light, which all force us to stay alert. Taking things more slowly won’t hurt.

5. Take a nap
Siestas exist for a reason. Although our modern-day work culture may not really be suited to taking extended lunches and time to relax, a nap is still a possibility. A short afternoon nap of 10 minutes can do wonders for your concentration, mood and even immune system.

When we listen more closely to our biorhythm it becomes clear that – like the falling leaves – we are part of nature. Autumn is therefore the time of the year to take things slowly and relax. A Mediterranean mindset and lifestyle brings a bit of light to the darkness, meaning you can look forward to the spring feeling less stressed or down.

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