5 tips to restore the balance between work and private life

Postdate: 10 October 2018

Sometimes you just need a short or long break. Simply because it all becomes too much for you. Even if you usually go to work with pleasure. Do you feel that the balance between work and private life is hard to find? Then read on for tips.

It is easy to imagine that a major event in your personal life has an impact on your relationship with work. But your work itself or your character traits can also ensure that you do not experience balance. It does not work in your advantage, if you are a poor planner or chaotic by nature. Whatever the reason: time to do something about it.

1. Find the real reason - and talk about it
What is the exact reason that your balance is disturbed? Does it only have to do with your private situation, or is it due to too many tasks, responsibilities or time pressure?

Putting your tasks and deadlines on paper can give you insight. Additionally, determine which processes or tasks can be automated, or approach someone else who can take them over, and discuss this with your supervisor.

2. Make choices
Not only at work, but also at home, you have to make choices when you feel it is all too much. Take care of yourself and decide what is most important to you. For example, go to bed early, cancel appointments, switch off your (work) phone after a certain time, and do more things for yourself and your family.

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3. Examine the possibility of (paid) leave
For some situations you can get leave. Think of maternity leave or care leave. So see how this is arranged at your organization, and whether you qualify for it.

4. Find a coach
A disruption of your work-private life balance lies partly within your self. For example, how do you deal with setting boundaries, work pressure and saying 'no'? Sometimes you just cannot deal with it on your own.

A career coach can help you determine your biggest bottlenecks and pitfalls - and come up with a solution. In addition, you can use the challenges in the Tsuru App to train your willpower and how to set goals.

5. Discuss flexible or less work
Working flexibly may seem contradictory because you literally take the work home. It is therefore not equally useful for everyone. Yet it can certainly make a difference. It gives less distraction from colleagues and the possibility to organize your day yourself. You also have less or no travel time if you work half day, or live far away from your work.

Another option is to work fewer hours, if it is of course financially and organisationally feasible.

Are you someone who is always busy? Then you will never find peace to restore the balance between your work and private life. Reducing work pressure is not always the golden solution. In order to find the balance, you have to look at both your private situation and your working conditions, and adjust both of these as well as possible.

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