5 tips to become more patient

Postdate: 04 April 2018

These days, everything must be done 'right here, right now'. We are focused on instant gratification, meaning immediate satisfaction. Waiting for something is an exception rather than a rule. And when it happens, you are thoroughly irritated. Below you can read some important tips to become more patient.

1. Force yourself to really listen

At the office, you casually ask how things are going and vice versa, but you seldom end up having a good conversation where you really hear what the other person is saying. 'Real listening' requires patience and focus! When you find it hard to stay focused during a conversation, try to repeat the last words of your conversation partner in your mind.

2. Do a breathing exercise

Patience is often a form of inner rage and unrest which you can temper. You have no control over what others are doing. No now, and not ever. When you are waiting for something, find a way to calm and distract yourself. For example by doing a breathing exercise, by counting to ten, or by observing other people.

3. Thinking 'the glass is half empty or half full'

When your impatience is triggered by something, you can think in negative terms such as 'I have still so much to do' or by looking from a positive angle, like 'I have already done so much'. The glass is half empty or half full.

4. Challenge yourself with... patience

Training your patience only works when you aim it at certain activities that require patience. Such as reading a book. When was the last time you did that? Remember: the end result is what counts. You finished the book, you have taken in a beautiful story, and maybe you even got some new insights.

5. Find the cause of your impatience

You have a reason for being impatient; you may be in a hurry or you need to multitask a lot. So write down why you are impatient. When you know that you want to do a lot of things in one day and it will give you stress, you can work on your impatience by doing one thing at a time and give it your full attention. This way, you can tackle the cause of your impatience.

Everything in life takes time. Patience is a wonderful thing, but it does require a change which also takes a lot of patience. So it is not so terrible when you don't manage to be patient for something. As long as you keep practising and trying!

'Impatience can cause wise people to do foolish things'

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