5 tips against a motivation dip

Postdate: 01 May 2017

A motivation dip can have all kinds of causes. Think of drastic changes, little involvement or a negative work atmosphere. You may feel less like working, which means you get little done and are less assertive. The core is to discover the cause and work on it.

1. Start with yourself
Working on a motivation dip starts with knowing where the feeling comes from, and then converting it into a goal for your self. According to the 'Goal Setting Theory' of the American psychologist Locke, specific, challenging and achievable goals provide more motivation than general goals. Challenging goals are in fact positively related to performance.

2. Celebrate your successes
According to the self-determination theory of Deci and Ryan, extrinsic motivation can cause people to become intrinsically motivated. As soon as there is a reward and recognition in the game, the brain releases dopamine, so you experience a feeling of happiness. Celebrating small victories with a suitable reward can therefore ensure that you get your motivation back faster.

3. Divers is fun
Do you feel that your days consist mainly out of routines? In fact, dealing with different skills can cause a huge motivation boost. Plan your days in a way you work on various tasks in a day, and see what happens.

4. Make the difference
Have you ever considered what your role is, what difference you make for customers, your department or perhaps the rest of the world? Realizing that you contribute to something important strengthens motivation and commitment. Focus on the aspects with which you support the company.

5. Search for autonomy
People who experience a certain degree of autonomy in their work are usually more motivated. Which skills do you want to develop further? There are always enough tasks that need to be done, but it is about the way you give substance to this. Asking for directed feedback can already cause you to experience more control over the tasks you do.

These are just a few tips that you can put into practice as soon as you experience you lost your motivation. Some things you are not able to change, but by trying out what works for you, helps you to be more prepared for possible setbacks.

'If it does not challenge you, it will not change you'

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