5 quick and healthy breakfasts for when you have run out of ideas

Postdate: 19 March 2018

Breakfast provides a good start to the day. It starts up your digestion and gives you energy. Do you have little time for a healthy breakfast? We are giving you a number of healthy breakfast tips below.


1. Mug cake
This delicious mug cake is really quick and easy to make in the microwave. Many variations are possible. For this recipe, mix together one egg, three tablespoons of oatmeal, a small banana and, for example, some cocoa powder-or nibs in a mug or small bowl. Then briefly put it in the microwave, empty your mug or bowl onto on a plate and you’re ready. Source: I Love Health


2. Oatmeal pancakes

Oatmeal is known for being pretty much ready to combine with anything. In addition, it is very nutritious and healthy. Therefore, many breakfast recipes are based on this. Mix milk, oatmeal, an egg and banana together and bake small pancakes from this in a frying pan. Add some cottage cheese or fruit, and you're good to go. Source: Lekker en Simpel


3. Smoothie soup
A bit different from a traditional smoothie, there is the smoothie in a bowl. With this recipe, you make a smoothie from spinach, kiwi fruit, mint leaves and, for example, Chia seed. You can add or leave out whatever you like, so here also, the possibilities are endless. Pour the smoothie into a bowl and add a handful of for example, oatmeal and some yogurt. Source: Chicks Love Food


4. Hearty omelette
Make a hearty omelette in a frying pan. Crack two eggs into the pan with some herbs, cottage cheese or vegetables of your choice, such as leeks, spinach leaves, capsicum or tomato. Fry the eggs on both sides. This is also a very good vegetarian alternative for lunch. Source: Floraa


5. Breakfast in a jar
Yogurt or cottage cheese with a topping of fruit, grains, nuts and seeds may sound boring, but it certainly does not need to be! It is easy to take this breakfast to work with you, simply because it's in a nice lockable preserving jar. Source: Uit Pauline’s Keuken

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