Need something to talk about? 4 tips for never missing out on anything

Postdate: 16 October 2017

A good conversation starts with small talk. This is often considered useless, but it is not. Do you find it difficult or awkward to start an easy conversation? These tips will make finding topics to talk about something of the past.

1. Grab a moment to catch the news

In these days of 'all you can read', it is getting increasingly easier to follow the national and international news in no time: think about Blendle and Topics. You can only select just a few (online) newspapers, blogs, or magazines and store them in your list of favourite websites. You can also subscribe to newsletters that interest you. Google News and Apps such as select already make a selection of news for you. So make it habit to spend 15 minutes per day on the news.

2. Choose topical TV programmes

Watch the news and follow topical programmes and documentaries that interest you, or you can watch various talk shows or other general interest programmes. Amusement shows and sports items with high ratings are also great conversation topics.

3. Don't make things too complicated

Don't include the most scientific subjects right away, but stay in the moment: listen carefully to other people's opinions or points of view. This will allow you to learn something about the other person or about a certain topic. Besides that, most people like to be heard. In this blog, you will find tips to listen actively.

4. Ask more in-depth questions about things that interest you

You can ask an open question, and find shared interests or situations. This, in combination with the tips above, will make sure that there is always something you can respond to.

By keeping yourself informed about what goes on around you, you create scope for new, interesting conversation topics and you build up better relationships with colleagues. Read our blogs for more tips to start a good conversation.

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