27 reasons for choosing a healthy lifestyle

Postdate: 31 January 2018

We all know that healthy food, regular exercise and less stress contribute to a healthy lifestyle. However, it is still possible for you to be less motivated. If so, you can refer back to this list for new inspiration.

I want a healthy lifestyle so that I:

1. Have more energy
2. Can feel good
3. Have less chance of getting diabetes type 2
4. Feel more confident about my appearance
5. Have a stable blood pressure
6. Can be fitter
7. Have a positive outlook about others
8. Make a strong impression on others
9. Am better able to stand up for myself
10. Become physically stronger
11. Am in a good mood more often
12. Reach a healthy weight
13. Can achieve better
14. Have less problems with sugar highs and lows
15. Can sleep better and longer
16. Have less trouble with aches and pains
17. Can handle stress better
18. Can be proud of how I live
19. Have less chance of getting various complaints
20. Have less trouble with bowel irregularity
21. Can finish an important competition
22. Enjoy the little things in life more
23. Get radiant skin
24. Feel less tired
25. Feel good about new making social contacts
26. Am confident about wearing bathers
27. Can set a good example for my children

The reasons for living a healthy lifestyle vary for everyone. Therefore, there are no rights or wrongs. What other reason can you add to this list?

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