11 tips to experience less stress

Postdate: 08 November 2017

A sensory overload, brooding, and mood swings are signals that can be an indication of having too much stress. Lighten up your life with these tips.

1. Keep a stress diary
Write down when you experience stress and why. Find out which tasks, people, or ideas drain most of your energy. Don't forget to look at the tasks that give you energy as well. This has two advantages: you clear your head and you become aware of your stress moments.

2. Let go of your work
It can be tempting to check your work email or to make a few more phone calls late at night or during the weekend. If you have a work phone, switch it off outside working hours.

3. Be grateful for the smallest things
Even when you are stressed, there are always some things to be grateful for. Your relationship, friends, family, you name it. Reflect on these things regularly.

4. Set your priorities
What are the three most important things you have to do today? Prepare for them on the day before and be sure to finish them.

5. Make time for social contacts
Your busy schedule can make it hard to spend time on your loved ones. Plan this in your diary as a fixed moment.

6. Watch a funny video clip
Prior research has shown that watching funny cat videos has a relaxing effect. Afterwards, you have less negative feelings and more energy. Try it by watching the clip at the bottom of this blog.

7. Control your breathing
A tensed breathing creates more stress. Breathe in deep and exhale slowly via your abdomen. Read our blogs to learn breathing exercises that you can apply on a daily basis.

8. Get into the clean-up mode
Clutter has a negative effect on your mood and productivity. Cleaning up leads to less chaos, also in your mind. If you want to make a bigger job of it, you can even get rid of a lot of stuff you don't need anymore. Read this blog to see why minimising can contribute to less stress.

9. Focus on one thing at a time
This way, your brain will get the rest and space to give a certain task your full attention. By turning off sound alerts, you can focus even better.

10. Start with the most difficult task
Do you tend to delay certain tasks? Then you will feel better when you finish a difficult task first. This way, you will also end your day more positively.

11. Find distraction
Rest is not necessarily a remedy against stress. The most important thing is to distract yourself. Read a book, listen to your favourite music, or get creative with a project you wanted to start working on for a long time.

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