10 tips to stay fit and healthy during the holidays

Postdate: 27 November 2017

The festive month of December equals cosiness, and lots and good food. As a result, you quickly eat more than usual. Do you want to go through this holiday month without any guilt? Read the tips below to enjoy and be healthy at the same time.

1. Keep control over yourself
The holidays are synonymous with festive dinners, brunches and snacks. Prohibiting yourself from anything at that moment is not an option. Do not be too strict for yourself, but try to keep control. You do this by starting a few days in advance with setting goals and limits.

2. Stay hydrated
Drink enough water between meals and afterwards. This keeps you hydrated and you are satisfied quickly.

3. Move more
Do you eat more than you burn during the holidays? You are not the only one! Plan some short moments in between, such as a walk in the open air.

4. Drink sensibly
Drinking alcohol brings extra calories, and also stimulates your appetite. In addition, alcohol is broken down first by your body, so your big high-calorie meal is burned last. Be therefore aware of the amount of alcohol you take during the Christmas dinner.

5. Choose fruit and vegetables
During Christmas dinner you can fill your plate as much as possible with the vegetables that are available. Fruit as dessert can also be very tasty. So try to see the healthier things between the unhealthy options.

6. Accept your weak moments
Did you let yourself go more than intended? The trick is to immediately pick up your ‘normal’ life after the holidays, instead of thinking that it does not matter anymore.

7. Eat slowly
When you eat together, you will sit at the dinner table for hours. This gives enough opportunity to chat extensively between the bites. Take a bite, chew extra long and be aware of the flavours and textures in your mouth. That way you can really taste what you eat. Chewing slowly also ensures that your stomach sends a quick signal that you are satisfied.

8. Eat only what you really want to eat
Do you eat too much because you cannot choose, from cosiness or because it is offered to you? Often it is one of the three. A little bit of everything is possible, but if you want to deal with it really well, then you better just eat the tasty things that you really want.

9. Go for proteins
With a protein-rich meal you feel longer satisfied. Although it is tempting to eat whatever you like the days before and after Christmas, you can prevent extra calories by not letting your body get used to all those goodies. Start your day, for example with a high-protein breakfast.

10. Find the balance
Ultimately it is all about moderation. If you have an extensive Christmas dinner in the evening, you can compensate this during the day. Have you eaten too much? Eat healthier the next day and pay attention to your portions. That way you start the new year fit and healthy!

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