Are you working to increase productivity on the job every day? And do you keep an eye on employee welfare to make sure absenteeism numbers stay as low as possible? Not just to meet your targets, but also because you feel it’s important your employees are doing well?

Then you’ll know first-hand that it’s not that easy to keep absenteeism down. After all, common forms of absenteeism aren’t even visible at work. Think for instance of employees being less productive. If your employee is not feeling well mentally or physically, you can assume productivity won’t be optimal either. But what’s the best way to prevent and improve this?

Using Tsuru! Because we believe that providing insight into your employee’s well-being will result in absenteeism prevention. In addition, we stimulate healthy and happy behaviour in the workplace, which increases productivity by up to 20%! Are you curious about the results Tsuru can offer your organisation? Then fill in the Tsuru Savings Calculator and request a free demo!

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Healthy and happy employees are up to 20% more productive and tend to be ill a lot less often. Research shows that every euro you organisation invests in employee wellbeing results in a return of at least 3 euros. You can calculate your organisation’s potential savings right now!


What is Tsuru?

  • Dashboard for controllers offers real-time insights
  • Contributes to a positive organisational profile
  • Stimulates sustainable and healthy lifestyle habits
  • Offers an integral approach (nutrition, exercise, sleep, motivation, stress, personality)
  • Is 100% digital and yet 100% tailored to you
  • Is highly affordable (cost recovery time less than one year)
  • Is scientifically validated
  • Is very unique, based on proprietary, patented technology
  • Is an online knowledge platform
  • Is available anytime and anywhere
  • Is fun, easy, enjoyable to use, and is motivational!
More than 50% of the participants indicate that they feel better in one or more lifestyle areas, thanks to Tsuru. They sleep better, are more motivated, or have more control over their health.
Jeanne de Feber
- Cor Pijnenburg, Investor and Co-founder

Tsuru Features

Feature Powercoin

Saving Power Coins

You collect Power Coins almost automatically and this will motivate you to go on. These Power Coins can then be redeemed for a reward.

Feature Profiel

Personal profile

After the completion of a few questionnaires, employees get a personal profile that forms the basis for their coaching programme. After a week, they receive an extensive personalised Personality & Lifestyle Scan.

Feature Vragen

Daily and weekly questions

Employees answer the daily questions posed in the App, such as 'Are you looking forward to a new day at work?' and there are weekly progression questions such as 'How did you feel this week?'. This creates an awareness and provides relevant information for the management. It is also possible to use company-specific questions.

Feature Meter

Tsuru Meter

Measuring happiness, motivation, and health can be done simply and quickly based on the scores from the daily and weekly questions.

Feature Newsfeed

Daily news feed

A daily update on the important (inter)national news on health, work, stress, and happiness.

Feature Implementatie

Implementation Programme

We help you to introduce Tsuru successfully into your organisation so many of your employees will use it.

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