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Understanding healthy and bad habits

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More energy and less often ill

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Daring to speak up

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Sustaining commitment towards goals


Motivation to take that extra step

Tsuru, your personal lifestyle coach

Every human being is sensitive to personal attention. It helps to become motivated, to start moving, to eat healthier, to sleep better, to relax more and to lower stress. For this there is Tsuru, the coaching program whichs enables everybody to work on their physical and mental health.

How? Tsuru compiles a personal profile based on validated questionnaires. Employees receive daily personalised challenges and blogs in their Tsuru App, which encourage behavioural change. In such a way that personal goals will be achieved.

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Six focus areas for a sound and well balanced result

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Tsuru focusses on behaviour. Why does a human being make certain choices about physical activities, food, sleep, dealing with stress and motivation? And how can you do better? Tsuru is based on the personality of the participant. Mainly your personality dictates how you react to different circumstances. This applies to your relation to food, how you function on the shop floor, but also how you cope with stress. Depending on your personality Tsuru will teach you how to make healthy and deliberate choices. In this way you gain maximum result through minimal effort.

Tsuru for business

Healthy, engaged and motivated employees. It is possible, with the interactive coaching of Tsuru.

People who feel well about themselves work harder, achieve more and make a lasting contribution to the success of their employer. That is why there is Tsuru, a coaching program focussing on the health, happiness and motivation of employees. Tsuru is scientifically substantiated, accessible and suitable for every organisation with 20 employees or more.

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Tsuru - happy, healthy, motivated

Go for the max. At home and at work.

Take a look in the mirror

You posture and movement show how you feel. People around you see this and react to it. It also works vice versa. The way you move influences your mood and self-confidence. When you move relaxed, you will feel relaxed and that has an effect on how others perceive you. Try and see the difference in the Bio Motion Walker below. How do you want to see yourself in the mirror?

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How tall are you?
How happy are you?
How relaxed are you?

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