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The tool for happy, healthy, and motivated employees

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The tool for happy, healthy, and motivated employees

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Do you, as an employee, want to have more energy, be successful, and feel better about yourself? Tsuru is the tool that coaches you to achieve this, every single day. At six lifestyle areas, based on your personality.

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Tsuru - Happy, Healthy, Motivated

Tsuru for companies

Healthy employees who feel involved and motivated. It's possible, with Tsuru's interactive coaching.

People who feel good about themselves perform better and give a more sustainable contribution to the success of their employer. Now there is Tsuru, a coaching programme that focuses on health, happiness, and the motivation of your employees. Tsuru is scientifically substantiated, easy to use, and suitable for any organisation with 20 or more employees.

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Working on six lifestyle areas

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Based on these six lifestyle areas, employees are coached to reach their goals.

Get the best from yourself, at home and at work.

See how other people see you

Your posture and the way you move express how you feel. People around you see this and respond to it. It also works vice versa. The way you move affects your mood and self-confidence. When you move in a relaxed way, you also feel relaxed and this has an effect on how other people see you. Try it and see the difference in the Bio Motion Walker below.

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